2002 Info!

Price is $240 for July 16 - 31

Dates to Remember:

  • March 1 -- must notify Maryl Sellman of your intention to stay in the dormitories
  • March 15 -- Maryl must receive $240 per person

We will probably do what we can to accommodate latecomers (especially since we are still actively looking for alumni) but right now we want to focus on getting the initial group booked & paid.

One major change: Extra bedding sets can no longer be rented at the reception area; occupancy is limited to one person per room, by order of their fire department.

See copy of announcement in OASEagles On-Line Community.


We will be able to stay in the dormitories at the University of Oslo. Each room has a private bath and shares a kitchen with several other rooms. Cost is 2015 NOK (Norwegian kroner) for July 16-31, 2002. Rental contracts are in half-month increments commencing (for us) 16th of July.

All sommergrupper are placed either at KringsjŚ or Sogn. They try to get the same groups in the same building, but they can not guarantee this. The addresses for these dormitories are Sogn studentby, Sognsveien 85, and KringsjŚ studentby, Sognsveien 218.

All arrangements and payments must be made through Maryl Sellman.

Exchange rate risk: Chances are that we will be paying Maryl in dollars. Maryl will be paying the University of Oslo in NOK. After Maryl converts our dollars to kroner, it is likely that there will be a small additional amount due or a small refund coming. Each participant must agree to assume the risk of any fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Oslo hotels will run up to $130-140 per day. Unless you have a friend or relative to stay with, it will be hard to beat this!

Since we are arranging our housing without using the services of a travel agent, it is unlikely that we will be arranging air fare as a group. Below are some sample air fares (based on 2001 fares, NOT 2002) from various U.S. cities to Oslo:

Atlanta - Oslo $1137
Chicago - Oslo $1017
Denver - Oslo $1112
Los Angeles - Oslo $1367
Minneapolis - Oslo $1015
New York - Oslo $945
Portland - Oslo $1435
Salt Lake City - Oslo $1373
Seattle - Oslo $1240

Air fares are based on fares easily found at Internet travel sites. If you find a better deal on air fare, please send me the details and I will post it here so other can get it, too.