Reise tilbakke til Norge i 2005


Mother Maryl wants to go back to Norway again. The last time she had that urging, almost 50 of her friends showed up with her. We spent the 2nd half of July, 2002, in the UiO dormitories at KringsjŚ and had an awesome time. This trip is open to all OAS alumni and their families or friends.

The next trip is set for July 16-31, 2005, and once again we will be trying to arrange lodging in the UiO dormitories. In 2002, the dormitory costs averaged about $260 per person, which was a great bargain in one of the world's most expensive cities and included cooking facilities. The KringsjŚ dormitories are located on a T-Bane station (KringsjŚ), and the Majorstua station is just a few minutes away on the #25 bus line. Backup lodgings will be in various hostels around Oslo. Taxis and car rentals are unnecessary -- there is excellent ground tranportation between the airport at Gardermoen & the UiO dorms & hostels.

As we did in 2002, we will designate some "core days" so that those who can attend for only two or three days can all plan to be there at the same time: The 2005 core days will be July 22-24 (Fri-Sun); if you can only stop in for one day, make it Saturday, July 23.

Contact Maryl Sellman at if you are interested in the 2005 return to Norway.