OAS Newletter, The Midnight Sun, February 8, 1961

The scan of the very old mimeographed copy of our school newspaper, "The Midnight Sun" was dated 8 February 1961. On the front page is a message from the principal, an article on our "new school", a thank you to Christine McLean (6th), Mike Beeson (9th) and Paul Ballinger (7th) for donating books to the school library, and a short paragraph on the 7th and 8th grade teen club preparing for a ski and sleigh ride outing in March. On the second page are articles from the various grades: Miss Walls' first grade, Mrs.Holst's first grade, Mrs. Haugan's second grade, Miss Black's second grade, Miss Fallon's 5/6 grade. On the third page is a want ad, a poem, an article on Mr.Osterman's 7th grade, an article on the following people who engaged in a debate: V. Schmitt, N.Thorson, N. Walker, N. Burke, S. Robinson, P. LaSalle, P. Pittet, K. Gulledge, J. Lengel and P. McKaig. There was also a gossip column and a cartoon.

Contributed by Maryl Ball Sellman