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Do you have any OAS yearbooks, directories or other memorabilia?


I still need yearbooks for these school years:

1966-67 (printed w/ photos but no names!!! If you have a copy with the names written in, please share it.)




I need either high quality photocopies that can be scanned or PDF files (Kinko's can do either for a small charge), or you can mail them to me (contact ) and I will do the copying.

My long term plan is to make all of the yearbooks available on CDROM's in PDF format.


I have copies of the directories for 60-61, 72-73, 83-84, 84-85, 85-86, 87-88, 92-93. If you or your family have any directories for other years, please send me the most legible (that a challenge with some of them) copy you can manage. I can be reached at .

Other Memorabilia

For years prior to the 1969-70 school year, there were no yearbooks (except for the "no-name" yearbook in 66-67) and only one directory has surfaced, so anything you can find with OAS students' names on it is helpful: The backs of photos, school play programs, halloween carnival announcements, anything!

Finding Long-Lost Classmates and Being Found

The more people we find, the more it mushrooms. Often people are searching the Internet for specific friends that they remember rather than for OAS in general, so it helps to list yourself in the certain key sites that they might look in: -- registration is free, and your email address is not divulged. Be sure to list every school you attended from grade 1 thru grade 12. We have found many long-lost OAS alumni listed in under the high schools that they eventually graduated from. In your listing, feel free to list as your web site; it will help people to connect with the rest of us -- many who sign up under OAS in are not aware of our web sites. -- this has been our #2 site for locating OAS alumni. The developer recently underwent heart surgery and is converting it to a pay-to-contact site to help with the expenses, but registration is still free and your email address is protected. Feel free to sneak into your description if you can.

I've been listed on both & for several years and my email address has never been compromised by them (not that I hide it anyway).

Helping with Expenses -- We Need Stamps & Calling Cards

For the most part, these web sites and search efforts are funded out of the pockets of a small number of people; there have been a couple others who have contributed to the bills for For the current efforts, if you care to help, stamps (for letters) and calling cards (the 3.8-4 cents/minute ones from e.g. Costco or Sam's Club) would be helpful & appreciated. I could use the stamps & Maryl could use an occasional calling card, but please contact us (see below) before you send anything to see what our needs are first. For those who contribute stamps, I will use your donation on the years and classes you specify.


Anything can do is appreciated!


Maryl Sellman (Mother Maryl) 208-599-2256

Mike Vollmer (the perpetual 1st grader)