OAS Alumni Database

This is a partially completed database of known OAS alumni, currently numbering approximately 2010 names. New names are added as I become aware of them.

Only the following information will be shown on-line:

The years at OAS are presented as follows:

The contact information will be displayed as follows:


If you know how to reach anyone listed as "Unknown", please tell me (name, address, phone number and/or email).

If you know of any additional alumni not listed, please tell me !

If you have any yearbooks or directories from the OAS parents' organization, please share them!

The more people we can find, the bigger and better the 2002 Reunion will be.

Inquiries for contact information for one or two or a small number of alumni will be handled routinely, either by forwarding the request to the alumnus or by responding with the contact information, at my discretion. I will try to put OAS'ers in touch with each other, but I don't wish to give spammers and non-OAS'ers unlimited access to the data.

At this point, the database is being compiled primarily to help us locate alumni for the 2002 Reunion in Oslo. Once that's behind us, the database will be available to any OAS alumni planning future activities. Availability in 2001 may be limited due to time constraints on my part. The database is being constructed as an Adabas database using Sun Office 5.2, which can be downloaded free of charge from Sun Microsystems.