Oslo American School, 1962-63, 9th Grade, Mr. Mayo & Mr. Larner


Although I didn't ID all of us, I did have some autograph the back of my photo. Those who did are: Cynthia Ballentine, Kris Magee, Laura Patton, Nancy Webster, Chas Roots, Carole Coachman, Retta Gundersen, Francis Shaw, Steve Hughes, Judy Patton, Doug Bernhardy, Gale Murdock, Judy Gillett, Raymond Dunn, Judi Lengel, Carolyn Beard, Susan von Kaenel, Steve Robinson, Preddy Littge, Sue Roberts, Vicky Hughes, Phil Spiker. Teacher on left is Mr. Mayo and on right is Mr. Larner.

Photo and caption contributed by Maryl Ball Sellman