Oslo American School, 8th Grade, 1959-60


The following are the names and faces I remember and a list of the names on the back of the picture. Hopefully someone else can help fill in the blanks:

1st Row, left to right: 1. Susi Griffiths 2., 3., 4. Kristi Vognild, 5. Ingrid Swan, 6. Candy Metz, 7. Gail Kennedy, 8. Julie Pittet.

2nd Row, left to right: 1.David Alley, 2. Rick Cobb, 3. Mike Beeson, 4. Gale Clapp, 5. Ann Shepherdson, 6. Carol Piercey, 7. Christine Jensen 8.,9., Mr. Larner.

3rd. Row, left to right; 1. Jay Greenfield, 2. Lee Kerr, 3. Mark Hanson, 6. Barry Fernald, 7. Greg Felter, 8. Albert Pace, 9. Don Freberg, 10. Bill Gunn, 11. Bill Moreman

List of names: David Alley, Rosalie McKeel, Christine Jensen, Krisanne Riley (not pictured), Susan Armstrong, Kristie Vognild, Greg Fetler, Bill Moreman, Gale Clapp, Penny Sagert (not pictured) , Ann Shephardson, Barbara Larns ( not sure of last name), Albert Pace, Mark Hanson, Gail Kennedy, Lee Kerr, Mike Beeson, Jay Greenfield, David Meyer, Rick Cobb, Don Freberg, Barry Fernald, Bill Gunn, Susie Griffiths, Amy Mazer, and Maureen?. Some of these are guesses. I apologize for any names and faces I mismatched. Help!

Julie Pittet


Contributed by Julie Pittet.